Ashaunda Davis

Ms. Davis has spent over twenty-eight years bringing to market superior solutions for businesses, business owners, and consumers. She has acquired and managed corporate accounts as large as 1500 employees and provided stellar customer service to individual families. She has evolved her insurance coaching firm to include financial planning.

Her practice now uniquely includes an approach to help her clients begin with finding money currently being lost unknowingly and unnecessarily.  She then uncovers a family’s or individual’s true desires and objectives and financial philosophies.  She then determines, not assumes, how she can best be a viable resource to her clients.  She believes the traditional financial planning approach is not having a sufficient impact thus the perpetuated lack of financial literacy and wealth accumulation.

She has a desire to positively impact the financial trajectory of hundreds of families across the United States by challenging them to a life of stewardship.  She then helps clients visualize how all their financial pieces of their puzzles are working together in a coordinated fashion to create the financial picture they desire.  She believes there are more opportunities in helping clients minimize and mitigate financial losses than just picking winning investment products.  If you are serious about your personal financial growth and development because it is essential to your happiness and peace of mind call or book a FREE CONSULTATION - www.meetme.so/ashaundadavis or reach her at 502-354-8812.

Karriem Ali

Mr. Ali began his entrepreneurial career in 1989, and has completed a massive list of businesses he either started and sold, or developed for others. Mr. Ali is an experienced Professional Financial Advisor, and has always leaned toward the development of safe retirement income for all.

Mr. Ali has also developed business structure for many individuals reaching their retirement age, and sought out his services to plan their later years as small business owners to supplement their fixed retirement incomes.

Mr. ali matriculated his college years at Southern Polytechnic State University with a focus on Electrical Engineering

He is a Registered Financial Consultant and a member of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants. He also holds a designation in Found Money Management which was earned in 2006.

Karriem Ali founded Reliant Income Managers, LLC  in June, 2006 based on the idea of providing a safe and secure method of preparing for retirement Right Now.

Mr. Ali is the Founder of www.BankSync.net™ and and www.CrowdBanking.club™

As of March 2010, his feature product, BankSync™ is was discovered by the banking industry as the new way to bank, where he shows people how to increase their bottom line An Additional $500 - $1,500+ Per Month by Cycling their Money and using Online Bill-Pay