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Place Your Bills On Auto Pilot & Make $500+/mo.

Providing you with Our eSmart™ Bill-Pay Setup Kit. It's Our First Step With Each Client...

If you currently use online bill-pay, or electronic bill pay at your bank, you are going to love eSmart™ Bill-Pay.

Our eSmart™ Bill-Pay Setup Kit works at your bank just like any other bill pay system, and places your bills on Auto-Pilot.  You can make an Extra $500 just by using it.


The vast majority of working America is just a paycheck away from financial ruin.  Many people have to rely on tight budgeting to make ends meet. 

It Does Not Have To Be That Way...

Since 1994, our financial advisors have shown thousands of households how to use eSmart™ Bill-Pay instead of regular electronic bill pay

This process creates an instant monthly disposable cash savings increase of between $500 - $1,500 per working household.  If you are already good at saving, imagine how much more you will save when you can increase your bottom line by an EXTRA $500+ Per Month. All on the same income, and same expenses.

Below is a chart showing how much more money your household can have each and every month when you use our eSmart™ Bill-Pay Setup Kit system. Our eSmart™ Bill-Pay Setup Kit can be used at any banking institution, so you don't have to leave your bank to use it.

Total (NET) Household Income Income / $1,000  eSmart™ Bill-Pay Bonus Per Day Minimum eSmart™ Bonus Per MonthMaximum eSmart™ Bonus Per Month

eSmart™ Bill-Pay is bank based. That means your money will show as extra savings in your bank account.   eSmart™ Bill-Pay can be applied at any bank.

  1. eSmart™ Bill-Pay  is for the Full-Time employed.
  2. No one at BankSync™ will ever have access to your bank accounts.
  3. Simply click the link at the top of the page, fill in your financial information, and pay the one-time fee of $50.00.
  4. We will immediately provide you with the Financial Kit needed to set up your eSmart™ Bill-Pay yourself.  Or you can have your banker do it for you.

eSmart™ Bill-Pay Users Experience an Extra $500 - $1,500/mo. 

See How Much the eSmart™ system will help you. Simply click the button and key in your bills and income. NOTE! when filling in your numbers please input a full round number including dollars and cents.  example $300.00