Banking Partnerships

 “Banks can now offer a Stimulus Checking™ Account that will deliver up to $25,000/yr to their customers.”  Press Release

Atlanta, GA 09/25/2017— Reliant Income Managers, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia provides banks with the technology needed to create a “bank based” Private Stimulus Plan called Stimulus Checking™. The process requires applicants to have full-time employment and utilize online bill-pay at your bank.  Stimulus Checking™ is set to deliver a financial stimulus of up to $25,000/yr. to qualified households.

Reliant Income Managers is looking to partner with banks on making it easy for their customers to open a Stimulus Checking™ Account.  Now is the time to take advantage of a proven and tested system that gives your customer base a larger savings base, more buying power for your products, and raise your bank's financial strength at the same time; delivered through proprietary calculations using Bank Sync’s™ financial technology.

For more information on your bank providing Stimulus Checking™ to your customer base, please email: kasimpson@reliantim.com or call: 404-729-7416