Reliant Income Managers, LLC

About Our Company

Story About Us

Empowering the working class.... Financially!

Founded in 1994 as Access To Wealth, Inc., Reliant Income Managers, LLC (est. 2012) offers savings, residual income, (annuities, CD's, and IRA's in partnership with TD Ameritrade®) designed to meet income and protection needs of families and individuals planning for right now, or later in retirement. Our products are available primarily through independent agents and financial professionals.  RIM, LLC DBA BankSync™. Our corporate headquarters are in Atlanta,Georgia.

We understand that the success of our firm is directly associated to the success of our clients. We strive to provide you with the personal service and attention that you require to be successful.

Reliant Income Managers, LLC is an Atlanta based Financial services firm strategically located in the heart of the financial district in Buckhead/Atlanta, offering financial services to individuals through our borrowing club, CrowdBanking™ . We have formed an excellent team of accountants & financial advisors with diverse backgrounds and experiences to better serve our clients.  We have big firm experience with small firm service, and will be moving into our new office pictured above in the very near future….

Mission & Value

A. Mission and Values

Reliant Income Managers, LLC was established on the principles of providing the highest quality financial accounting services by skilled and trained professionals who demonstrate the highest level of integrity and provide superior customer service.


B. Passion

When we first opened our doors in 1994 as Access To Wealth, Inc., we had a vision to become the most respected and reliable extended creative financing firm in North America. Every decision we have made since then has been made to help make that vision a reality. Now, our daily mission as CrowdBanking™ is How Can We Do It Better? …and not just better than the competition, but also better than our own previously best performance. To do that, we listen to industry experts, our employees, and especially our Digitally Integrated Banking customers. Whenever there’s a suggestion on how we can get better, we take it to heart and then find a way to make it happen. The words I Can’t simply does not exist in our company culture… they have been replaced by “What I Can Do Is. This is the positive spirit that’s fueled our growth and success for almost 2 decades, and it’s what’s also led to our 99.4% customer satisfaction rating.

international Vision

C. Our International Vision

Our vision is to provide hard working American people the opportunity at genuine financial freedom. Part of the American Dream is to be able to live debt free, and prosper. It is the Goal of Reliant Income Managers to provide services that allow hard working people with simple solutions towards financial freedom. We believe we have achieved that with the introduction of eSmart Bill-Pay™ and CrowdBanking™ and their ability to improve the financial position of our club members.