Hidden Money:

Every Wage Earner In America Is Missing Out On A $25,000/Yr. Stimulus Because They Don’t Know It Exists.

  • Must Be Employed Full Time.
  • Must Use Online Bill-Pay
  • Private Stimulus Plan™ Can Be Set-Up At Any Bank
  • Spend Your Stimulus On Whatever You Like

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In 1994, we discovered that every wage earner in America had access to an additional $5,000 - $25,000/yr. and nobody was taking advantage of it. Even though the money was yours for the taking.

Which is unfortunate because that was at a time when consumer debt was consistently rising at an all-time fast pace, and people were looking for a solution to improve their financial bottom line.

Today, nothing has changed. Financial hardship still plagues American workers.

Since 1994, we have shown thousands of households how to access and collect up to $25,000/yr. Its like having your own Private Stimulus Plan. This money belongs to you and is available to every wage earning citizen in America.

Now, we have transformed our system into a simple Do It Yourself Kit.


Please Read:

  1. 1.  What does it do?  The Private Stimulus Plan™ takes advantage of a loophole in the financial system that allows wage earners a monthly cash advance of an amount equivalent of up to 1/2 of your net monthly household income, that you never have to pay back. You can use this money to save, spend, pay off debt, or invest, etc.
  2. 2.  Where Does The Money Come From?  4 Times per year, a 5th week of the month occurs generating an Extra Pay Period. We created a cash advance algorithm, (Money Cycling) that factors your total net monthly income, and the highest number of Extra Pay Periods your household will experience throughout the year. Then we used a banking algorithm that allows you to Be Paid Up-Front on your Upcoming Extra Pay Periods, without actually being a loan.
  3. 3.  How Does "Money Cycling" Work? As your income is deposited into your checking account, your money is cycled through multiple account to account transfers on a algorithmic timing schedule.  As your bills come due, the cycling process will have transferred enough money into your bill pay accounts just in time for your bank's Online Bill-Pay service to pay all of your bills, and leave you with your normal savings.  All While Advancing You An Extra $500 - $2,000+ Into Your Account For Your Use, Right Now!
  4. 4.  How Is The Advance Paid Back?  Time.  As long as you are working, the future is still on its way.  That means Extra Pay Periods are always on the way to replenish the advance, and the stimulus will come every month.

To get your set-up instructions for your Private Stimulus Plan™, simply pay $149. (100% Money Back Guarantee.)  

You will be directed to place your NET income and budget into the Secure online calculator.

You will be emailed your Private Stimulus Plan™ results.  Your results comes with our Cycle Your Money™ instructions.

Proof This Is No Scam. Once you fill out your instructions, you can even give them to your banker so they can make your results go from "on-paper to real-life" with Online Bill-Pay.

Private Stimulus Plan™ is bank based. That means your money will show up in your bank account on a monthly basis.   Private Stimulus Plan™ works regardless of where you bank.

Private Stimulus Plan™

3 Simple Steps

Understanding our easy to use system

Setup Your Private Stimulus Plan...

Setup Your Private Stimulus Plan...

Click the "Apply For a Private Stimulus Plan" button so you can input your financials into the calculator.

Print Your Instructions, and Take Them To Your Banker

Print Your Instructions, and Take Them To Your Banker

We will email to you your Stimulus Plan Instructions. Simply Print your instructions, fill them out, and give them to your banker so they can make your results go from "on-paper to real-life" with electronic bill pay.

You're all done. Check Back Periodically As Your May Expenses Change

You're all done. Check Back Periodically As Your May Expenses Change

WOW! Your NEW FOUND CASH can be used to do whatever you like. Save, Spend, or Invest. The choice is yours.

3-Simple Steps
  • 1K+ New Clients Per Month

  • 18$ Average Stimulus